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Our competitive edge lies to the customization of services to meet the very needs of customers at competitive prices. Explore our wide range of services, that can meet your corporate needs adequately.

The following services are offered to corporate clients:

– Accounting – Taxation – Labour services

  • Posting of invoices, collections, payments and other accounting documents
  • Preparation and submission of tax declarations like income tax, VAT, property tax, etc
  • Preparation of monthly payroll reports and pay slips
  • Submission of monthly declarations to labour and social insurance authorities
  • Assistance in the preparation of payments to personnel, suppliers and others
  • Provide assistance to auditors (internal, external, statutory)

– Reporting

  • Performance results reporting (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow)
  • Budgeting and variance analysis
  • Development and preparation of management accounts and adhoc reports
  • Annual statutory financial statements under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

– Treasury management

  • Management of receivables and debt collection
  • Evaluation, planning, preparation, control and follow-up of payments
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Short & Long-term financing

– Costing

  • Development, introduction and follow-up of a costing system
  • Evaluation and improvement of an existing costing system
  • Periodic and adhoc issue of costing reports

– Internal audit and review of internal procedures and controls

  • Analysis and evaluation of internal control procedures
  • Improvement of internal procedures and controls

– Legal and Other Corporate tax services

  • Companies formation and registration
  • Undertaking of banking formalities
  • Tax optimization with primary focus on tax savings
  • Double taxation treaties and profit repatriation
  • Solving other legal issues (ad-hoc requests)
  • Dissolution of companies

– Human Capital

  • Introduction of job descriptions
  • Development of organization chart
  • Selection of personnel
  • Training and supervision


On top of the corporate services offered there are specific financial, accounting, fiscal and legal requirements, for shipping companies under a special legal framework in Greece.

The following additional services are offered to shipping clients:

– Revenue cycle

  • Computation and issuance of hire statements

– Insurance and Claims

  • Evaluation of insurance policies and computation of premiums
  • Cooperation with insurance brokers for H&M, P&I, FD&D, War Risk, etc
  • Claims handling

– Fiscal requirements

  • Preparation / submission of annual operations report
  • Notification of vessels managed by Greek management companies
  • Completion of tonnage tax declarations

– Reporting / Costing

  • Computation of voyage results

– Greek Leisure Yachting Company (NEPA)

  • Apart from accounting, taxation and labour work we undertake all administrative and special requirements associated with this special type of company.


Comprehensive personal taxation services are available to individuals.

Our primary aim is to provide the best tax advice, within the legal tax framework, maximizing where possible any benefits.

Our consistent supervision of the personal tax issues, assures compliance of local legislation requirements, all year round. Moreover, in collaboration with external lawyers and tax experts, we provide assistance on international tax and financial issues, if and when they arise.

Moreover, our services offered to individuals also include the following:

  • Income tax declarations for Greek and Foreign tax residents
  • Property tax
  • Declarations for dividend income from abroad
  • Change of tax residency (if and where possible)
  • Calculation of notional income and determination of tax exposure
  • Other personal tax declarations
  • International tax planning solutions


Collaboration with educational institutions in the areas of accountig, finance, shipping and other business subjects.

Inhouse training of financial management, general business, shipping accounting, and other specialised areas. Sessions are combined with on the job training tailored to companies needs.