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To provide high-quality, reliable and accurate financial, accounting and fiscal services to corporations, shipping companies as well as individuals. We have developed fully-customizable outsourced services, currently available to a wide range of entities, which not only ensure that all legal, fiscal and financial requirements are fulfilled timely and responsibly but also that formerly in-house costs from maintaining such departments are diminished considerably.

Greece, a nautical country for several decades, offers a number of economic, legal and fiscal advantages to shipping and brokerage companies, enticing them into expanding their operations in the country. It is imperative for shipping companies to consider and take advantage of those financial, accounting and legal services to ensure the highest level of legal compliance and economic performance, while better monitoring their day-to-day costs and sustain their competitive advantages.

A separate legal entity which combines shipping and leisure business together is the yachting company (NEPA). It operates under a special beneficial legal environment which needs highly experienced monitoring because in case of any legal violation the penalties are quite heavy. We have the experience to monitor responsively companies that fall under this category of businesses.


Ioannis Karatzas has an extensive experience in accounting, auditing and controlling, during the past 28 years in the following positions:

  • Chief accountant in shipping companies for 12 years
  • Controller for 4 years
  • Auditor for 12 years

Furthermore, he has teaching experience in American Universities in the areas of accounting, costing, finance, auditing and other business subjects.

Currently, he offers reliable, comprehensive and customizable outsourcing services in shipping and brokerage companies, Greek companies and individuals for accounting, finance, tax and legal matters.

He holds the following academic degrees:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration concentrated in Accounting  / Finance
  • Master in Business Administration
  • The Association of Certified Public Accountants International (ACPA) – Fellow member

He also maintains strong ties and closely collaborates with lawyers whose expertise lies in corporate and shipping law, international bankers, finance executives, claim handlers, shipping operators, accounting support officials and Greek legal and tax specialists.